Why I’m Still Using WordPress

It’s pretty simple, really.

For me, it’s what is familiar. That means it’s also how I can get up and running in almost no time. It’s almost automatic (no pun intended) for me to install WordPress, pick a theme, configure everything, and start writing in just a few minutes.

I also need to learn more about headless WordPress, so eventually this site will be vastly different on the front-end, but still use WordPress for the back-end.

I’m currently learning React Native for mobile app development, but I really like what I’ve seen in Vue for front-end web development. Most likely I’ll be tinkering with a bunch of things and sharing what I learn here.

I’m also still using WordPress a ton at work, so it makes sense to stay connected to that world. I can experiment with things here, and use what I’m learning in my day job.